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If I step on this crack, will the cat come back?

Bad things happen. It's an unfortunate part of life and being a citizen on this spinning orb that we call earth.

But do our fears sometimes get in the way of progress? Of the 'good things' in life? Do we shy away from opportunities because they might spell F-A-I-L-U-R-E?

If you're one who laughs at superstition, perhaps even labelling them as 'foolish', remember, superstition takes on many forms.

Is the car going to break down simply because you said it won't? Will you be rejected for the position because you've told a few friends that you're a 'shoe-in'?

That's the way I often think. I've lost count of the number of times I've made sure to say the opposite of what was hoped for, just to promote a favorable outcome. As if mind control could alter the uncontrollable. Crazy! I know!

The truth is, like superstition, most things that terrify us are nothing more than 'paper tigers'.

Most are purely benign.

If you look beneath the surface of some, you might even find something sweet!

There are many circumstances beyond our control, but with perseverance, we can learn to master our fear.

What superstitions haunt you? Free yourself with logic and optimism.

I'm certainly going to try.

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Author, Mark Bierman
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