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Review of Protective Instinct, by Joy York

Here we are with February coming to a close in the next week, and the weather’s been bouncing up and down like our dog’s floppy ears during a run. Today we’ve returned to the deep freezer, and that comes as no surprise because this is usually the coldest time of the year.

Yesterday afternoon, my daughter and I volunteered for the, Coldest Night of the Year, fundraiser in support of the homeless. It always does well. We live in a very generous community. 

Right now, I just wanted to share a quick review of my most recent read. But first, let’s get a gist of what this one’s about.

When international, best selling author, Sebastian Bartoli, refuses to write a biography of the infamous, mob connected, Max Fontana, the consequences turn deadly. Sebastian (Bash) is a crime novelist. Max has insisted Bash write his biography. Concerned for his safety, Bash's friend/agent, devises an elaborate plan for him to disappear to a secluded location in Guntersville Lake, Alabama. Being accustomed to having his comfortable life managed, Bash is irritated by the inconvenience of dealing with his affairs, aside from the danger. Morgan Skylar is a good natured, kindergarten teacher. She's more comfortable eating Cheez Whiz and hot sauce, than caviar and champagne. After the death of her over protective grandpa (Pops), who raised her, she takes time off, ending up in a cottage beside Bash. Bash is annoyed that his hideout is not secret. When men arrive later, Morgan uses her skills to help them escape.

Just My Thoughts:

Morgan Skylar is the benchmark for unassuming characters. A mild mannered kindergarten teacher who uses the phrase, “Turkey feathers!”, to sum up her feelings for dire situations. But she’s got a secret life. A childhood that any doomsday prepper would be proud of. 

Mix in a pampered best selling author, Bash, who believes a crime boss is out to get him, add a visit from a pair of goons, and watch the wheels spin. Though the story borders on the fantastical at times, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The moments of cheeky banter between Morgan and Bash added spice and filled out their profiles.  


Amidst the action, two constant themes emerge: people are often not what they seem, and sometimes you just have to trust. The writing style is naturally tweaked for the action genre, with one or two-word sentences sprinkled throughout; but not overdone. The protagonists are highly dynamic, seasoned by trials and reliance on each other. 

I recommend this one to those who enjoy an American thriller with a spritz of James Bond.  


Meet Joy:

Joy York grew up in Alabama but has spent much of her adult life in the Midwest, currently living with her husband in Indiana with their two golden doodles, Jake and Bailey. Inspired by a family legacy of oral storytelling, she began creating stories and adventures for her son when he was growing up. With encouragement from family and friends, she began to write them down. Her first book, The Bloody Shoe Affair: A daring and thrilling adventure with the jailer’s daughter, a YA mystery, was published in 2015. Genuine Deceit, an adult suspense novel, is her second book. For more information, visit



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