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Wacky Word Quiz

Last week I found, Marshmallow, our Leghorn hen, sitting in the middle of the chicken run being pecked by her less than empathetic roomies (injury to her foot). For an injured chicken, that can be a death sentence. It sounds cruel, but it’s a way for the rest to keep from getting ill.

Fortunately, we have an infirmary. Well, the original coup. It’s a tad smaller, but it’s the perfect retreat for Marshmallow to heal. I’m pleased to say that she’s healing nicely and harassment free. Onwards!

Today, I bring you an old favorite. All shall be revealed in the next post. Ta-Da!


A) Pretending to be uninterested in something that you actually want

B) The serrated blade on an ice axe used for mountain climbing

C) A truce intended to end property disputes between neighboring farmers

D) A gentle rise in elevation at the base of a foothill


A) The act of spritzing a low dose of perfume, or cologne, on the back of one’s neck

B) To deviate from your usual routine

C) To bask in the sunshine

D) Rebranding your persona to conform with public sentiment


A) A footman tasked with removing muck from carriage wheels, body, and chassis

B) A cap that secures the metal comb of a modern loom

C) The netting which held the strips of hair (weft) in place on eighteenth century wigs

D) Someone who makes shoes


A) Someone or something full of nonsense or lies.

B) Fritter away your time

C) Casting tea leaves to the wind to determine an outcome, or course of action (antiquated saying)

D) Fictitious unit of measurement


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Author, Mark Bierman
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