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Photos With Captions To Make You Smile

So, Christmas is coming faster than my kids when they realize they’ve left their phones downstairs. We have nary a snowflake on the ground here, but that’ll come soon enough.

We finally have some decent, for us, internet after we switched from Bell to Starlink. Honestly, after we first made the switch we gathered round our devices like a 1950’s era family around their first color television. It was that revolutionary for us!

That being said, I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying the season. Just a few pics today, but I hope they bring a smile.

The Grinch may be nasty, but he DOES make a mean pair of pajama pants!

Can anyone relate?

Finally! Proof that fish are really just submarines for crayfish! My research has been redeemed!

Last night one, or both, of our cats, Sage and Charlie, busted into the catnip stash. I’m gobsmacked that no matter how much I question them, neither will lift a paw to rat out the other. They don’t always get along. More solid than Canadian soil in February, those two. I managed to intervene before either one could eat too much. Though I swear I caught Sage grinning at me like the Cheshire Cat. 


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Author, Mark Bierman
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