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Chickens, Coops, and Sweet Chili Lime Poetry

I’m guessing that since you’ve seen the cover photo and the title, the element of surprise about the content of this post has been somewhat dampened. Yes, this is a pic of the newest members of our chicken family. A pair of Barred Rock hens.

It seems ‘chicken math’ is a thing! According to local lore, our four birds will soon turn into twenty-two. Hmmm . . . two plus two equals twenty-two. Makes sense? Just how this miraculous arithmetic works, when no rooster is present, is beyond my pinheaded comprehension. Perhaps they duplicate and divide, like cells in the body.

The photo shows them in their briefly temporary smaller coop. We just got them yesterday and my daughter has yet to name them. But to her credit, they are beautiful birds and do look a tad bit alike.

We plan to move them into the coop below, ASAP. What’s not shown here is the exceptionally large run now attached to it. Plenty of room to ‘chicken’ in the great outdoors. We have to be careful out here because of the high rate of predators.

That’s it for the fowl news. Here’s a little attempt at poetry. It’s in the style of a Triolet. Anyone who’s ever had to deal with the frustration of watching their favorite snack get stuck in a vending machine will appreciate this, and hopefully get a chuckle, too.

My tummy grumbles, my eyes shed water,

Sweet chili lime chips crumpled against the glass

Nose pressed to the pane, I beg the fraudster

My tummy grumbles, my eyes shed water

I jab the button, my mouth starts to bluster

Penniless wit is offered by all who pass

My tummy grumbles, my eyes shed water,

Sweet chili lime chips crumpled against the glass


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Author, Mark Bierman
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