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Review of, Grim Secrets, by Nannette Kreitzman

Happy Sunday! We've recently added a new member to our family! His name is Ace, and even though he's only two and a half months old, he's the most chill pup I've ever met.

"Hi! I'm Ace! Do you wanna' hang out?"

Okay Ace, maybe your new pals will take you out for a walk later; or, how about you let me do this review and I'll ask the birds if you can hang out at the feeder with them. Sound good? Alright, see you later.

Before we begin, let's see what the book cover says:

A collection of the following stories:

"Discovering Me" - I woke up in the hospital not knowing who I am, or how I got here, but I think I know the missing girl on the news! What happened to me? To her? And what price will I pay for discovering me?

"Willow's Dream" - A sequel to Willow's Tale. Willow has been keeping a secret a secret since escaping slavery. She has a chance for a normal life but will her haunting nightmares kill the dream?

"When a Good Man Dies" - What would you do if you're worst fear came true? This is a story of raw grief and perseverance in the wake of the unthinkable.

"Fire and Ice" - Theona is attracted to dominant men. She likes when a man knows what he wants and takes it. Will wants Theona and will do what is necessary to have her. But is it love, or manipulation?

"When The Third Sun Rises" - She has been called a goddess. She has been called a witch. She calls herself a healer. If only she had the power to heal worlds.

Just My Thoughts:

A seriously injured woman wakes up in the hospital with amnesia and eventually discovers a dark secret. The survivors of a horrific pandemic seek to build a new life after suffering at the hands of evil men. The wife of a fallen police officer tries to piece her life back together. A young woman finds out that the love of her life is not who she thought. An injured soldier is nursed back to health, only to learn the appalling truth. What do all of these have in common? They're part of an adroitly written collection of short stories that are creatively with an overall theme: grim secrets.

An alluring mixture of mystery, romance, tragedy, and cautionary tale, Nannette's words had me engaged long after the rest of the house had shuffled off to bed. The writing style is easy on the eyes, with a measured and effective use of description that makes imagery effortless. I highly recommend this book and I look forward to reading other works by this author.

Meet Nannette:

I'm a stay home mom and happy empty nester. I spend my morning walks dreaming up short story ideas, but despite my carefully laid plans, my characters always manage to change things up! I've learned to pay attention to them though. They're usually right!

You can find me on Instagram


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