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Tear Down this “Sanctuary”

Yesterday I was out for a walk in the brisk December air, when I spotted this photo-op. It’s my neighbors horse, and it was staring at me in a way that conjured an idea for this poem.

Please don’t get me wrong, the horse is well-loved and cared for, but I couldn’t help but wonder if the animal was making some type of plea to be released into the wild, and then reacting with hostility when I wouldn’t acquiesce.

The following poem is based on the Elegy style, which often broaches the subjects of loss or reflection. I thought it might work in this case. Please let me know what you think.

Tear off this constraint, Man, cast it to the flames, cut down these iron trees, my spirit they doth taint.

Smug biped, my legs are more than tenfold your strength, four thunderbolts from Zeus, speed to dry out muskegs.

Rip down this “sanctuary,” Man, I’m noble, field and forest beckon my heart, I’m born for the prairie.

Evil beast, your eyes tell all, no morals to lose a wink, pity filled, hands idle, weak with fear and lies.

I just wanted to add one more thing, not poem related. Blogger Mohamad Al Karbi has created a blog directory, free to all bloggers. I have already signed up. Please click here to learn more and how you can join: New Blog Directory


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Author, Mark Bierman
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