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The things I Think

Hey, is it just me, or when you hear a new or weird word, does your brain conjure some off kilter image that’s NOTHING like reality? Here’s a few words accompanied by an image that pops into my kooky mind. Well, at least the closest ones I could find. First up, we have : Argle-Bargle.

What it actually means: Copious but meaningless talk of writing




What I imagine: Two eye-patched pirates, nose to nose on a dock, screaming at each other. I mean spit flying, bad breath and all!

How'd you ever come up with that?

I’ve watched enough pirate movies to know that “Argh!” means the guy’s pissed about something. Usually accusatory and may or may not lead to a fight. “Bargle,” is the rum-soaked, garbled, and accepted response to said accusation. Could mean a variety excuses or denials, such as, “No! I didn’t use your glass eye as the cue ball in last night’s pool game!”

Sorry the pic is not an action shot. Perhaps this buccaneer is spoiling for an argle-bargle.

Next up, we have a term that may be more familiar to some of us. Perhaps it’s been applied to us, or we’ve labelled someone else?

Lackadaisical: What it actually means: lacking enthusiasm or determination.




And what pops into my head?

You come upon a field of daisies and are suddenly overcome with the,“Mehs’.” You flop your fanny on the ground and lie amongst the flowers, shirking your duties and not caring about the bugs entrapping you like the tiny folks of Lilliput in Gulliver’s travels. The boss, or dishes, can wait until you’ve snapped the tiny ropes and roar like the giant you are!

And for our finale: Xiphoid

What it really means: sword-shaped




Yep, this really comes up.

An ultra sophisticated, intelligent, and scaly alien life form. Not necessarily hostile, but don’t wake her when she’s sleep walking!


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Author, Mark Bierman
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