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Wacky Words Unveiled!

Happy Saturday! Sheesh! The kids are having a four-day weekend. Yesterday was unplanned, as Mother Nature treated us with a wee but of freezing rain. Monday is Family Day, here in Ontario, and several other Canadian provinces. My oldest daughter, Amanda, turns 16 on February 22. Wait? What happened to that toddler who used to waddle around like a starfish in her snowsuit, and LOVED, Dora The Explorer? But like time, I must press on, because yours is valuable and I just know you’re dying to know the answers to these crazy words. It’s not all fun and games on this blog; you are about to learn some highly transferable wordsmithing here. Pshaw! No . . . it’s fun and games. If you haven’t had a chance to do the quiz, you can either scroll down to the last post, or click on this link. Wacky Word Quiz First up, we have the one that would get the best reaction should you ever decide to call someone it. Have your cell phone camera ready, because the face may look something like this:

FARTLEK: A: an activity runners do when they switch between sprinting and jogging. Did you get that one? I mean; how did they come up with that? Maybe the certain displacement of gases produced by the runner’s efforts?

Next up, we have Bumber Shoot: C: umbrella.

What a downer, unless it’s raining. I was expecting some voracious carnivore of a weed, launching up from a jungle floor to snatch unsuspecting prey. Ummm . . . moving on.

Do you think the woman in the photo below just might be an Abecedarian?

NOPE! Unless she’s a C: anyone currently learning the alphabet.

“Hey! Are you calling me a skirl?” “We’d never dream of it, Betty, um, I mean, Sparkle Twirl.” (Ya, I don’t get the nickname, either, I think she gave it to herself.)

SKIRL = A: the loud wailing sound produced by bagpipes. So there you have it! Go forth and use these words liberally, in whatever context you’d like, for not many will know what the heck you’re talking about!


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Author, Mark Bierman
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